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We would like to inform that our next Volume XXX of the interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the history of Grudziądz and Kulmerland – “Rocznik Grudziądzki” (Grudziądz Yearbook) has been released in print at the end of December 2022.

Presently it is published by Rev. Dr. Władysław Łęga Museum in Grudziądz, the Institute of History and Archives in University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń and the Polish Historical Society.. We strongly encourage everyone to join the co-editing team of our journal, which became an inherent part of the historical periodicals dedicated to Northern Poland. Much of the credit goes to individual editors and members of the editorial board of the journal, as well as to the city government of Grudziądz, the staff of Museum in Grudziądz and the colleagues of the Institute of History and Archives in University of Nicolaus Copernicus. The continuation and the value of this journal will depend, among other things, on the number and geographical coverage of groups contributing to its creation as authors and editors. We intend to expand the scope of subjects raised in “Rocznik Grudziądzki” (Grudziądz Yearbook), as well as to attract predominantly German and British scholars dealing with the history of Grudziadz and this part of Pomerania. Therefore, we encourage you to submit your scientific texts, source editions, or other studies to the forthcoming Volume XXX, which will appear in print after the end of 2022. Furthermore, we count on PhD students interested in the history of the city. We will also gladly accept texts about archaeology, history of Art, the history of books, newspapers and ethnology. The deadline for sending texts to Volume XXXI is 31.03.2022.

According to the announcement of Ministry of Science and Higher Education of  Februar 2021, “Rocznik Grudziądzki” (Grudziądz Yearbook) has the number of points : 40.

The submitted texts are reviewed by external reviewers, whose names are published on the journal’s website:

Please send materials (prepared according to the procedure of publishing and publishing instructions posted on the website of the journal) to the editorial office:

Muzeum w Grudziądzu,
ul. Wodna 3/5
86-300 Grudziądz,

or electronically to the following address: or

Those whose texts will be approved in the reviewing process, will receive the publication fee funded from the financial resources of City Council of Grudziądz.

Articles appearing in “Rocznik Grudziadzki” are abstracted and indexed in POLON-idex, The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanties (CEJSH), Polon-index, Index Copernicus and since 2020 in ERIH PLUS.