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History of RG


“Rocznik Grudziądzki” (Grudziądz Yearbook) is the interdisciplinary scientific journal that has a long tradition. Since 1960 its creators endeavour to promote the history of Grudziądz and Kulmerland in every yearbook. Moreover, the journal frequently published the biographies of persons connected with Grudziądz, who undeniably were the part of the local and regional intellectual elite.

The creation of the interdisciplinary regional journal in 1960 ­– “Rocznik Grudziądzki” – undoubtedly was a breakthrough in research on the history of Grudziądz. At the beginning, it was an initiative of the Polish Historical Society, the Department in Grudziądz, established in 1956, which gained support from prof. dr hab. M. Biskup from the Laboratory of the History of Eastern Pomerania of the Institute of History of the Polish Academy of Science in Toruń. With time, most of the editorial work began to be transferred to the Rev. Dr. Władysław Łęga Museum in Grudziądz, whereas the participation of the Department of Grudziądz of the PHS in the editing works gradually diminished. From the beginning of the 21st century, the cooperation between the Museum in Grudziądz and the Institute of History and Archival Sciences of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń became more and more intensive. Both institutions took on the issue of financing and editing the journal, which already became a yearbook. The journal is subject to evaluation by the team of the Ministry of Higher Education, and is indexed in the Polon-index, CEJSH, Index Copernicus and Scopus databases.

The journal is of high scientific value, mainly due to the selection of published texts in the fields of archaeology, history, art history and architecture, and their prominent authors. The main influence on the character of “Rocznik Grudziądzki” have been exerted by its high-class editors who ensure its proper form.

Here is the list of journal editors:

Volume 1 (1960) Marian Biskup, Stanisław Myśliborski-Wołowski

Volume 2 (1961) Marian Biskup – Scientific Editor; Adam Wolnikowski – Chairman of the Editorial Committee

Volume 3 (1963) Andrzej Tomczak, Adam Wolnikowski

Volume 4 (1965) Marian Biskup, Adam Wolnikowski

Volume 5-6 (1970) Marian Biskup, Adam Wolnikowski

Volume 7 (1977) Kazimierz Wajda, Adam Wolnikowski

Volume 8 (1983) Kazimierz Wajda – Editor; Stanisław Reszkowski – Chairman of the Editorial Committee

Volume 9 (1985) Jerzy Danielewicz – Editor in Chief; Stanisław Reszkowski – Deputy Editor in Chief

Volume 10 (1992) Jerzy Danielewicz

Volume 11 (1994) Jan Pakulski

Volume 12 (1996) Jan Pakulski

Volume 13 (1998) Jan Pakulski

Volume 14 (2001) Jan Pakulski

Volume 15 (2003) Jan Pakulski

Volume 16 (200) Jan Pakulski

Volume 17 (2007) Wiesław Sieradzan

Volume 18 (2009) Wiesław Sieradzan

Volume 19 (2011) Wiesław Sieradzan

Tom 20 (2012) Wiesław  Sieradzan

Volume 21 -25 (2013-2017) Wiesław Sieradzan